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David Bowie Releases “Queen Bitch” From Old Grey Whistle Test, 1972!

David Bowie will be releasing a DVD/CD/Digital box set called “Divine Symmetry”. Due out on November 25th and you can pre-order it here. Ahead of the forthcoming a record we get Queen Bitch. The single first appeared on his 1971 album “Hunky Dory”. The song is a classic. It’s part of my favorite Bowie era. This is pure gold, nothing else needs to be said about the tune. The video on the other hand is fantastic. It is upgraded for quality purpose and you get to see Bowie with guitarist Mick Ronson in all their glory. I love when we get gems like this. Check it out below.

#DavidBowie #DivineSymmetry #QueenBitch

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