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David Lee Roth Releases His Take On Another Van Halen Classic "Everybody Wants Some"!

David Lee Roth has released another single from his Van Halen Roots. Once again, no word on an album. The single is his version of the Van Halen song Everybody Wants Some taken from their 1980 album Woman And Children First. Now I have been kind of down the middle on these releases. Some I liked and some I don't. This one falls in the latter category. The only highlight to me is Francis Valentino's drumming. I understand Roth is trying to make his own but there is so much to the original that this doesn't have including the edginess. The image that he gives with the track says "Roth Lives" with a much younger look of the man himself. I'm not sure what he is saying at this point. Let's consider it wasn't that long ago he stated he was retiring. All that aside, we something new from something old. Check it out below.

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