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David Lee Roth Releases Live Studio Version Of Van Halen’s “Panama”!

David Lee Roth (Van Halen) has released what he is calling the Studio Live version of the Van Halen classic single off of their 1984 album Panama. This isn’t part of a record or anything, just another random release by him. The debate here is who is on the record, some question when it was recorded. I’m not sure how one would question when? Based on the voice that I hear, this is very much Roth now. Musically, it sounds like Van Halen, maybe he removed his old vocal track, possibly a demo? That I can’t say, but I’m pretty sure that his voice of today. There is no write up about to a video so it makes it that much harder to determine what it is. You can check it our below and make your own determination.

#DavidLeeRoth #Panama #VanHalen

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