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Dead Fish Handshake Release A Very Relatable Single “No One’s Island”!

  Dead Fish Handshake has a new record coming out on September 18th toiled “Lies…And All That Jazz”. I’d say you could pre-order it but their bundles are all sold out. But if I were you I’d watch for it on their website here. I would also follow them on their social media sites where you can get them on their website. Once again I wish I knew about this band sooner, but all is well as I know of them now.  No One’s Island is their new single and let me tell you it’s a damn fine tune. I love the tempo of the song and immediately to me Mark Birkelbach’s drums make this song pop. It’s just resonates with me, I think when you pay attention to them you’ll see what I mean.

The riffs and breakdowns within the song are nicely done. I think you will like how Darren Furman’s bass complements Rob Ferreira’s guitar playing and chords, especially when they slow down and so on. Matthew Paul sings in a way that you go on a emotional journey with him. When you hear hm sing the following;

“Stuck in reverse, can’t do much worse, One step is two steps backwards, Think I’m burning the candle at both ends, Reach for a hand now, left in quicksand, Time’s running from an hour glass, I want a meaning, I gotta know there is more than this”

  Now those words can be anthemic for what’s going on today,  it could be about you personally, etc. That is powerful writing right there. When you hear Paul tell it you believe him. I know when I heard it I said, yes, exactly. You get it is what I’m saying. The whole package of this song is fresh and relatable. The band has accompanied the song with a lyric video. Check it out below.

#DeadFishHandshake #LiesAndAllThatJazz #NoOnesIsland

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