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Deadland Ritual Debut New Single “Down In Flames”!

Supergroup Deadland Ritual which features bassist Geezer Butler (Black Sabbath), drummer Matt Sorum (Guns & Roses, Velvet Revolver), guitarist Steve Stevens (Billy Idol) and singer Frank Perez (Apocalyptica), have released their first single, Down In Flames. No word on a when their debut album will be released, but nonetheless we have this new song. Perez’s vocals are excellent, but the stand out to me on this song is Sorum’s drumming. I find very reminiscent of Bill Ward’s (Black Sabbath) style of play. A nice fit for Butler. Stevens riffs will get your fist pumping and his solo is nothing to sneeze at. The video is my favorite kind, were it focuses on the band performing. It focuses n each of them and the band as whole. Check it out below.

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