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Dee Snider New Single “The Stand” In Honor Of The Station Night Club Fire’s Fallen

Dee Snider (Twisted Sister) has released a new single from his current album “Leave A Scar”. You can purchase a copy here. Snider’s new single is The Stand. This ballad and it’s message from the heart takes on a different meaning in this release. Snider who didn’t write the song stated the intent of it wasn’t for what he chose to use it for today. He decided to dedicate the video and the track to the victims of the Station Nightclub fire that took 100 lives. Snider used footage from the REELZ documentary of the “America’s Deadliest Rock Concert: The Guest List.”

The combination of the Music, Snider singing with footage of the event is very touch and definitely will pull on your heart strings. As many of you know I was on my way to the show so this hits close to home as they say. You can read about my experience here. Anyway, what Snider did here is masterful. Check it out below.

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