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Dee Snider Releases Title Track “For The Love Of Metal”!

Dee Snider has released the title track from his current solo album “For The Love Of Metal”. This is one of the better tracks from the album. This song has the riffs and Snider’s passion that only he can bring to a song. The lyrics pay homage to metal and of course Twisted Sister. Check out the first verse;

“Once was under the blade I was once the last in line I was the victim of changes You can’t stop rock n’ roll, it is my life This is my painkiller My obsession runs deep For the love of all things loud United worldwide fills me with pride”

I’ll let these words speak for themselves. The video shows Snider performing live at Forcefest in Mexico and just outside of the arena. I think you will enjoy this one. Check it out below.

#DeeSnider #ForTheLoveOfMetal

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