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Deftones Release Title Track For New Album “Ohms”!

The Deftones have a new album coming out on September 25th titled “Ohms”. You can pre-order it here. The first single is the title track and it’s a rocker. I really enjoyed this one and better than I expected. The song paints a picture of a dismal world with lines like these;

“We’re surrounded By debris of the past And it’s too late To cause a change in the tides”

Pretty bleak outlook but then they begin to offer us hope and overcoming the situation with the following lyric;

“This is our time We devour the days ahead”

The incredible about the words is it can apply to so many things, society, your view and relationships just to name some. All very relatable. I think you would agree. The video is a unique one as it shows the band playing as well as a character with the song. Check it out below.

#Deftones #Ohms

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