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Desert Of Talking Shadows Album “Eye For An Eye” Is An Ear Pleaser!

Desert Of Talking Shadows

Eye For An Eye

Tracklist                                                                           Band

1- Crucify                                                                                                Mikey Qubti – Guitar, Vocals 2- Icarus                                                                                        Kyle Vellanoweth – Guitar 3- Howling At The Moon                                                                    Jack Thomas- Bass 4- Getting Away                                                                               Detrick Forster – Drums                                                                                                                                                                  

                            Official Site:                                                                                 Produced By                Desert Of Talking Shadows

When I first put on the Desert Of Talking Shadows album “Eye For An Eye”, I didn’t know what to expect. Man was I surprised, in a good way. I’ll give you my breakdown on each o their songs to have you share in my excitement and joy. First up is the opening track Crucify. It opens with Detrick Forster on drums. It’s not often you get a song that starts with drums. It’s unique and well done. The song just kicks in with Mikey Qubti vocals and the rest of the band. Qubti’s vocals to me are a combination of Axl Rose (Guns And Roses) and Myles Kennedy (Alter Bridge, Slash). Trust me, you will hear it. But something about it thats just powerful, now, when you think the song is firing on all cylinders and couldn’t get any better, Qubti throws in a amazing guitar solo. He does a great job displaying his talent on the axe. I’m not sure what’s more impressive his voice or his guitar playing. This is one song that I play often and is on my playlist.

The second track Icarus maintains the energy of the first one. The band is high octane rock. This is just a great straight ahead rock tune. Once agan Qubti’s vocals are exceptional. The middle of the song has a bit of jam that shows Kyle Vellanoweth rhythm guitar work. He is the unsung hero of this song. I would say this is the hidden gem on the EP.

Next up is Howling At The Moon, what stands out to me is the bass playing of Jack Thomas. It really drives this song. Pay attention to how he follows the chord changes and the guitar solo. There’s some nice work there. I think you can appreciate what he brings to the band. This is also the bands epic number that clocks in just over six minutes at 6:03. The song also slows things down, something I wasn’t expecting, but pleasantly surprised at the sametime. The song is dark and moody. The lyrics kind of express that. Check out the following verse:

“When my days are all but faded I hope that I left some good behind Don’t wanna leave any questions For you to wonder why”

 I think the pretty much describes an eerie point in ones life. When you listen to the lyrics and the music it makes feel for Qubti. This one definitely keeps your attention, even though its slow in nature.

Finally, we are on track 4, Getting Away. This one kind of has a Black Sabbath/Audioslave vibe to it. The song is the heaviest of the four and a great way to close out the EP. But Qubti saved his best guitar playing for this one. The solo is fantastic and with the band playing behind him seems to take it to another level. I think you will have to agree that this track will give any band that calls themselves rock or metal would have a run for its money.

In closing, the only disappointment I can take away from this EP is that it’s too short. The four songs are just not enough. When you hear the raw energy and attitude of this band and it’s music, makes you wanting more. In that way, they did their job. Bands like them are what the rock scene needs right now. A fresh sound and attitude that delivers. Keep an eye on them, they shouldn’t be a club act for long. I usally highlight several songs in a normal format, but I think I covered everything for the four songs. You can check out the video for Crucify below.

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