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Desert Of Talking Shadows Release New Single “End Of The Lie”!

Desert Of Talking Shadows has their debut album coming out sometime in March titled “Foreshadowing”. At this time I am unaware of any pre-ordering availability. End Of The Lie is the new single for the record. If you’re looking for power chords and a hard driving rhythm section then this is for you. What you don’t get a lot from bands coming up today is dual guitar interplay and these guys do it. It’s refreshing to hear Mikey Qubti and Kyle Vellanoweth guitars take you for a ride. Like I pointed out earlier the rhythm section of Jack Thomas (bass) and Derrick Forster’s drums really stand out and do more than support the song, they give the track the heaviness and subtleness it needs to make this song eargasmic. I can go on about what a fine tune this is, but I will eave that to you. There is no video just a stream of the single over the bands pic. Check it out below.

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