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Dirty Honey Release “Break You”!

Dirty Honey has released another single off of their just released self titled debut album. The new song is Break You. This is another good track by this group. This band gets it and knows how to deliver. Just let me remind you who they are because in years to come they will be the guys you talk about;

Marc LaBelle: Lead Vocals John Notto: Guitars Justin Smolian: Bass Corey Coverstone: Drums

You can follow them on their website here. I have been telling you about them for awhile. It’s refreshing to see this much talent in such a young band. The song gives you everything you would expect from a seasoned band, but this is their debut album. Labelle’s vocals over Smolian’s bass and Coverstone’s drums is just magic to me. I love how that’s done. That’s not to take away from the powerful riff and hard driving sound. But above all, Notto’s solo is just fantastic and worthy of your time. Before I forget, I also love the line in the song;

“I wished for, her whisper To caress my ears”

I just really like the way the words go together. Nice way to describe what he’s saying. No video just an audio stream of the track. Turn this one up and give it a good listen below.

#BreakYou #DirtyHoney

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