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Dirty Honey Release The Official Video For Their Single "Won't Take Me Alive"!

Dirty Honey has a new album coming out November 3rd, titled "Can't Find The Brakes". You can pre-order it here. The band's latest single Won't Take Me Alive was released back in July. I had reviewed it then and you can read that here. They have now released the official video for the song. The video tells a story, or should I say it brings the words to life. The first verse:

"I ain't a fighter, but you're never taking me alive

So if you're coming then you ought to know it's suicide

You won't make me crawl

When my back's to the wall"

I think those lyrics give you the context once you start watching the video. I'm not going ruin it for you, by giving my take on what you see. You can watch it below.

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