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Dirty Shirley Has Released Another Great Song “Last Man Standing”!

Dirty Shirley has released another single off of their current self titled debut album. Last Man Standing is their latest single. Out of all George Lynch’s side projects, and he has many, this one has become my favorite. This song is th perfect recipe to fulfill your rock and roll needs. The guitar riff and solo is what you expect from Lynch but I think its better than usual. But what makes this song for me is Dino Jelusick’s vocal. He does it all on this one and I just love the way he delivers the chorus. Together Lynch and Jelusick have proven to be a lethal duo. Listen to this single and their album and you will notice that there is a real magic chemistry with them. The video is a lyric one in the same vein as others they have had. Check it out below.

#DirtyShirley #LastManStanding

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