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Dirty Shirley Release “I Disappear”!

Dirty Shirley has their debut coming out on January 24th. You can pre-order it here. The new single I Disappear immediately gets your attention and intrigues you. Dino Jelusick’s (Animal Drive, Trans Siberian Orchestra) vocals are outstanding, probably the most important reason to listen to the single. That isn’t to say George Lynch’s (Lynch Mob, Dokken, etc) guitar playing is something to sneeze at, but he delivers as expected. Jelusick needs the love here. He makes and carry’s the song. The song is going to take you for quite a ride clocking in just under seven minutes. Believe it or not it keeps you listening for that long period of time. I think you will be surprised how well the song is done. Every song the band has released thus far has been damn good so this album will be something to look into when it gets released. There is no video is a stream of the single check it out below.


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