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Discover Coreign! A New Kind Of Rock! Check Out “Biker Girl”!

Coreign hail from Switzerland. The husband and wife duo, Curry and Reto have a mixed rock sound. You can hear hard rocking riffs as well as a progressive sound and everything in between. They definitely created a niche for themselves. You can check out their website here. or their Facebook page here. I picked their song Biker Girl Off their “Equality” album. I picked it because I think it best shows how diversified they are and how the blend all the styles they play together. The song really captured my attention. I’m not sure why but Curry’s voice just grabbed me and took me for the journey in this story. One of the lines in the song that stood out to me is;

“I’ve been a whiskey addict and i’m sure you’d understand”

I found that to be a brilliant line and a great way to convey the thought. You immediately get what she is saying. I think if you check out their catalog you will find their diversity something you can dig into. Check out Biker Girl below.

#BikerGirl #Coreign #Equality

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