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Discover Exhale And Their New Single “Count The Days”!

Boston based rockers Exhale have a new single out from their current album “Audio Dreams”. I’m not sure if you aware of them or not, I wasn’t until recently. I knew they were on local scene where I live but hadn’t the chance to check them out, yet. Well, that was a mistake, I should have been all over them sooner. I think after you hear the new single Count The Days you will see what I mean. They will definitely be on your watch list, I’m hoping your playlist. You can keep up with the band on their current goings on at their website here.

The song starts off with drums setting the tone for what about to transpire and then the power chords come in and you become curious as where this is going to go and Corey McLane’s voice starts you know right away you got something special happening. Musically the single has a bit of a Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers vibe to it, but a harder sound. But don’t let that fool you because just as you get comfortable with it changes and takes it to another place and its just great ride for the ears. Now, a huge stand out to me is Mike Fintonis’s guitar work. You need to pay attention to his playing, its phenomenal. Now when you hear the solo and he gets to the ringing note where you would think the solo would end and the band jumps back in, he continues and that is mind blowing, eargasmic even. It’s a holy shit moment. I’ll leave it at that. You need to discover that all on your own. This song in my opinion is a must on your to do list as far as rock goes.

I think the song captures a feeling many have in a strained relationships. Musically it punctuates the lyrics such as these;

“I’ll take the blame for All the pain you’ve caused I have no shame for Everything I’ve lost”

Now that’s deep and profound at the same time. But you can relate to what he is saying. When McLane sings the words you feel it and the music drives the pain of it home. This song is quite the package and a great way to introduce you to the band. They even have a video. It shows the band playing the song and you can see the energy and the passion that they bring to the single. You can tell they aren’t just going through the emotions as they say, they deliver and bring it. I can only imagine what a live show would be like. You can check it out below.

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