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Discover Killer At Large!

I was listening to New England Rock & Metal Radio, as I do (You can too, here.) and heard this band Killer At Large. The song was Abomination. I liked it a lot. I checked out their music and liked them even more. You can check out the band’s site here. Divided is the most recent video that I could find of the band so I chose that for you to check out. The single comes from their album “Handling The Pain”. The band’s message is that it’s better to be united than divided. I think they do a great job showing both sides of the last presidential election and how they dealt with each other. The song has a nice groove to it and gives you the feeling they care about what they are saying. “United We Stand, Above From It All”, is a great line and message all in one. I hope you take the time to check them out. Enjoy the lyric video below.

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