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Disturbed Release “A Reason To Fight” Live! A Song Taking on Addiction And Depression!

Disturbed has released a new single from their current album “Evolution”. A Reason To Fight is a very personal and emotional song and the band has released a live version of it with messages from people who fight addiction and depression. The message is quite clear in the lyrics but my favorite verse is the following;

“Don’t let it take your soul Look at me Take control We’re going to fight this war This is nothing worth dying for”

Just WOW! Whatever your difficulty is it’s not worth dying for. There are people who will help you get through it, what a powerful and excellent message about fighting back your problems. I can’t do this song the justice that the Real people who participated with the band’s performance. This one takes you on an emotional journey that you have to watch till the end. Check it out below.

#AReasonToFight #Disturbed #Evolution

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