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Disturbed Releases “Hold On To Memories” And It’s A Touching Piece Of Work!

Disturbed has released a new single from their current album “Evolution”. Hold On To Memories is their latest song from the record. It’s on the soft side for the band and they have proven that they can pull it off. Remember they did a great job with Simon & Garfunkel’s Sounds Of Silence. This one pulls all the emotional strings. This song takes you through the pain of losing a loved one and how to deal with it and move on yet always keep the loved ones alive with memories. Very deep in meaning and message, well written and spot on the feelings of it. The video has the band playing in an acoustic setting with a video imagery of candid moments and others of them live it also displays rockers who have passed. The band did a great job put this together well.  Below the actual video there is a link for you to bible to put up to 8 images to their song and make your own video. How cool is that? You can check it out below.

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