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Disturbed Releases New A Fight Song With New Single “Unstoppable”!

Disturbed will be releasing a new album on November 18th titled “Divisive”. You can pre-order it here. The second single from the record is Unstoppable. The band has been taking a stand lately on how politics are affecting society. They are pushing for people to come together and forget about partisan politics. This song is no different. They want us to not be divided and send a meesage. It’s clear when you hear the following lyrics;

“There can be no penance For the parasite that you’ve become There is no repentance This judgment can’t be undone There will be no mercy No lenience while I’m alive Vengeance is coming Believe it now, you won’t survive”

The song has a anthemic vibe to it and is similar to others they have put out. I have to say, musically nothing will blow you away here. They stay in their lane and do it proudly. The video is animated lyric one and you get to see the Unity symbol that continues in their theme. Of course we get their mascot The Guy involved in it as well. Check it all out below.

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