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Doro Releases “Lift Me Up” Lyric Video!

Doro has a new double album called “Forever Warriors, Forever United”. Due out on August 17th. You can pre-order it here. Her new single, Lift Me Up, is a great track. It’s a power ballad or should I say a softer track. It has a nice build up and maintains the ballad like features of the song. It’s very melodic and the guitar solo is pretty epic and is perfect for this song. Doro also does a great job vocally on this one. Unlike most ballad or softer tone rock songs that are sappy or boring, this one will be a keeper on your playlist. The lyric video serves the song well. It doesn’t take away from it all. Check it out below.

#Doro #ForeverUnited #ForeverWarriors #LiftMeUp

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