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Down ‘N’ Outz Release New Single “Goodnight Mr. Jones”. A Very Cool Tribute

The Down ‘N’ Outz has released their fourth single from their current album “This Is How We Roll”. You can purchase a copy here. Goodnight Mr. Jones is an original song written by Joe Elliot (Def Leppard) as a tribute to one his heroes David Bowie. If you didn’t know Bowie’s real last name was Jones but there was already another famous David Jones on the scene. The singer for The Monkees, hence the name change.

The song is a beautiful tribute to Bowie. This is a well thought out image to him lyrically. Lots of references to Bowie’s songs but done as a story of his life accomplishments musically. Elliot does a great job delivering the heartfelt words. I would say this is one of my favorite vocals by Elliot. The guitar work, the drums and the piano all make this song a worthy salute to a legend. I know you will play this one several times. The animated video does a great job bring the song to life. Check it out below.

#DownNOutz #GoodnightMrJones #ThisIsHowWeRoll

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