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Drummer Neil Peart Of Rush Passes Away, A Sad Day For Rock Fans!

Neil Peart, drummer for Rush has passed away at the age of 67. He died of Brain Cancer. I was truly saddened when I heard the news tonight. Actually a bit shocked as well. I wasn’t expecting this. You don’t have to be a fan of Rush or rock to know who he is. He is known for his drumming and being a lyricist. The mane has led a hard life in recent years, losing his daughter in a car accident and first wife shortly there after of cancer.

I was fortunate that I git to see him twice. He was always inspiring and was one hell of a drummer and lyricist. He is going to be missed. I don’t usually post like this about rocker who has died, but he is exception and is well worth the time. He was an idol of mine and so many. I’ll be sending my weekend play his music and enjoy what he gave us. Rest In Peace, Neil!

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