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Elton John Releases Previously Unheard Track “Regimental Sgt. Zippo” And It’s Epi

Elton John has a new box set coming out on November 13th titled “Jewel Box”. You can pre-order it here. Regimental Sgt. Zippo was recorded in 1968 as the title track for a never released album. The very first thing you will notice is that it sounds very similar to The Beatles. It was definitely influenced by the psychedelic music of the time.

All that aside, this is a great tune. The singing, the story the music especially guitar solo is divine. The song is packaged so well it’s incredible. The guitar solo was a bit over the top for the period, most artists weren’t that creative with it. Fans should rejoice at getting something like this. As a fan you can only dream of this the of thing being released. You’ll be plying this one for awhile. The video is typical of the era and you appreciate the trippiness of it all. Check it out below.

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