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End Your Year Right, Check Out The Jax Hollow’s “High Class Bitch”!

Jax Hollow has released her debut album “Underdog Anthems” it came out on December 18th in digital formats and the official release will be February  2021. You can get details about her and her music as well as pick up a copy of her debut record on her website here. Hollow is an artist you are going to want to know and follow. Once you get a taste fo her new debut single High Class Bitch you will be hooked, like I am. There is so much energy and attitude in this song that it makes your ears go wild.

Hollow’s delivery of the vocals and her guitar work is just fantastic. It’s hard to believe what comes out of this all female lineup. The rhythm section consists of Leilani Kilgore on bass and Angela Lesse on drums. The combination of all three of these fine women is a rock n’ roll force to be reckoned with. I have to say after my first listen I was impressed, more so blown away. Hollow can shred with the best of them.  Trust me her guitar work is eargasmic. She can also write some kick ass lyrics like the following;

“You got your Silver spoon, diamonds on your wrist Less than impressed with my compliments Ready to slay in that little black dress I know you want a piece of this”

Looking for words that give you a picture, this is your lady. She gives a perspective that brings you right into the story. The video puts it all on display, sexy, edgy and rocking. You get a real taste of what her personality is and what the band would be like live. If you’re looking for an opportunity to get in the ground floor of an act ready to rise to the top then get on this bandwagon. Check out the song below.

#HighClassBitch #JaxHollow #UnderdogAnthems

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