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Eric Clapton Releases A Heart Felt Original Holiday Song “For Love On Christmas Day”!

Eric Clapton has released an original song he wrote for his current and just released Christmas album “Happy Xmas”. For Love On Christmas Day is personal type of a song and offers a perspective you don’t usually hear about during the holiday season. Wishing and missing someone to be with you during Christmas Day. His lyrics kind of paint a picture of a not so happy side of the holiday. I think the following lyrics pretty much say it all in this mind set;

“Snow is on the sidewalk, it’s cold inside my heart I look up and I wonder, have I lost my guiding star And everything is white outside, how can it be so dark?”

I certainly hope people don’t have to feel that way this Christmas season, but am glad he wrote that take on the holiday. The video just shows Clapton playing a guitar and singing this emotional number. I think him playing alone, drives the port home. Check it out below.

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