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Eric Clapton Teams Up With Van Morrison For New Single “The Rebels”!

Eric Clapton and Van Morrison has released a new duet from Morrison’s latest album “Latest Record Project: Vol. 1”. You can get a copy here. The Rebels is the new single and the second duet from these two. All the proceeds from the song go towards the Van Morrison Rhythm & Blues Foundation. You can buy it here. The Rebels takes a shot at today’s artists. Just take a look at the opening verse;

“Where have all the rebels gone Hiding behind their computer screens Where’s the spirit, where is the soul Where have all the rebels gone”

It tells you all you need to know. I don’t agree with it, I think there is plenty of great rock out there. I think the point they miss is that the music industry isn’t what I used to be. You can decide if they are right or not. Musically, it’s ok. Nothing really special. It’s safe and standard fare as you may think. The controversy is in the lyrics.

The video is an animated one.The cool thing is they show all the so called past rebels in animation. You can have fun figuring out who they are, some obvious, some not so much. But something to watch for. I think they did a great job animation them to make them stand out as who they are. You can check it out below.

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