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Escape The Fate Release “Do You Love Me” And Fun Video!

Escape The Fate released a new song from their current album “I Am Human”. The new single is Do You Love Me. The song has a commercial vibe to it, but the thing that makes it all worth listening too is Kevin “Thrasher” Gruft guitar work in it. I really like the tone and the way he plays it. The video on the other hand is a tongue in cheek game show parody of the dating game. The band does some acting in it and they pull it off. It’s very funny. The band seems to be enjoying themselves as well. Ironically the lyrics don’t seem to go with the video, but maybe that’s the irony of it all. Check it out below.

#DoYouLoveMe #EscapeTheFate #IAmHuman #KevinThrasherGruft

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