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Extreme Asks You To Be Authentic With New Single "The Mask"!

Extreme has released another single form their current album "Six". You can get a copy here. The latest single is The Mask. The song challenges us as humans to be done with our hypocritical ways and rip off the mask and be yourself. The following verse I think paints that picture very well;

"We’re all doubters and we’re all faith

we’re all the things that we want to replace

We’re all fiction and we’re all fact

we’re all the good and we’re all the bad"

We have all done things to fit in and get along, even if it's against what we believe. What the band is saying here is that you need to be your own person no matter what the others think. I think it's a message. Don't be fake, be real. The music actually annunciates the words. What you get is a powerful rhythm section with Kevin Figueiredo's pounding drums followed by Pat Badger's bass playing. It's almost anthemic.

I like the duet of Gary Cerone and Nuno Bettencourt. I have to say Bettencourt's dramatic voice delivery really takes the track to another level. Once again, he comes through on the guitar as well. This song and this album show the band has a lot more fire and energy left in them than one would have expected at this stage of their career. The video has a story to it in prep for the song and you see the band perform within it. Interesting setting is all I'll say. Check it out below.

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