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Extreme Release An Inspirational Ballad "Here's To The Losers"!

Extreme has dropped another single from their current album "Six". You can get a copy here. The latest song from the record is Here's To The Losers. This ballad could be considered an anthem, in the way it delivers it's message in the chorus:

"Here's to the losers

And here's to the ones who've fallen

(Get up) 'Cause you're not the only

(Get up) You're one of the many

(Chin up) There are no excuses

(Drink up) Here's to the losers"

You can see that they are saying you can overcome what ever took you down. I like that they chose to musically approach this in a softer way than a rocking one. I think it makes it stand out and is more intriguing. All of the band are really great on this one. I have to say, it all comes together really well. It would have been great if they provided a video instead of a stream of the song to make it more impactful. That aside, you can check it out below.

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