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Falling Nine Release A Rocking Cover Of The Sweet’s “Fox On The Run”!

Falling Nine has released a new single and a cover of The Sweet’s Fox On The Run. You may not know who these British rockers are and that’s why I’m here. The band is a duo believe it or not. They are David Lydiard (Vocals,Guitars,Synths) and Steven Watts (Guitars, Bass,Drums). You can follow them on their Facebook page here.

Anytime a band chooses to cover a glam band like The Sweet, I’m all in. I truly enjoy how these guys updated the song and made it their own. It’s a bit more edgier than the original and modern sounding. I think what you will find is the stand out guitar solo and licks by their friend and guitarist Justin Larner. To say he takes it up a notch wouldn’t be giving him or the song any justice. The combination of all three of these guys makes for a unique and refreshing take on a classic that should be on your playlist. Check it out below.

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