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Fifth Freedom- Heartbreak & Hellfire

Heartbreak & Hellfire

                Track List                                                             Band Members

  1. 1- Battle Cry                                                                          Alan Jones- Vocals, Guitar

  2. 2- Coming Back For More                                                   Ian Dyer- Guitar

  3. 3- Bridge To Burn                                                                 Seth McClellan- Bass

  4. 4- Midnight Rain                                                                   Gary Marston- Drums

  5. 5- Season Changing

  6. 6- Something I Believe                                                                         Produced By

  7. 7- Man Without A Skin                                                   Fifth Freedom & Jonathan Wyman

  8. 8- Wise Man                                                                                          Official Site

  9. 9- Someday                                                             

  10. 10- Standing Last

Where does one begin to discuss such a great album? Yes, I used the word great. I play this record religiously. Have told many people to check them out and all are surprised as I am that this band isn’t bigger than they are and still playing clubs.  I’ll start with the album cover, drawn by their bassist Seth McClellan. It get’s your attention, it definitely coincides with the name of the band. The amount of detail tells you how much he and the band care about how people see them. The red, white and blue just gives it that much more impact. It definetely makes you want to take a look at it and see what’s inside. To take the cliche of a book and it’s cover, you definely can judge that the music is worth listening to by the cover. It should be noted that the band and Jonathan Wyman put together  a musical eargasm. Now on to my thoughts on the songs.

The album opens up with Battle Cry. A fantastic opener. This song grabs you right away and you can just feel that these guys aren’t messing around. The drums and the guitar at the beginning just build up and just hits you like nobody’s business. This song is what I expect to hear at sporting events, a wrestler/boxer going into a ring, it’s that type of a song. Win or lose, you stand tall.

Next up is Coming Back For More. This one maintains the temp of the first one. You might even consider this the sequel to Battle Cry. The band displays everyone in this song. Each gets a solo and the way it’s done is just superb. It truly spotlights the rhythm section of the band Seth McClellan on bass and Ian Dyer on drums, not that they need it, as they are standouts. You expect this kind of production from a legacy band. Like I said these guys are top notch and this song just proves it. Talented would be an understatement.

As per usual, I won’t go through every track as you need to discover this album. Midnight Rain is the band’s latest single from the album. The band slowed things down on this one. Showing that they have versatility. But don’t let that fool you, the guitar solo in this one is extremely well done. The way Alan Jones sings over the backing vocals is a nice treat as well.

Something I Believe should be a single in my opinion. If you’re not bobbing your head or pumping your fists to this one, you have issues. This is hard driving and rocking as a song can get. I’ll leave it at that. You’ll see once you play it.

Someday is another single the band released from the album and you can see why. It’s perfect for radio and you can feel the pain he’s going through trying to overcome a break-up, or should I say heartbreak. The opening lyrics are well thought out in a way it tells the story, see for yourself;

Years have passed, times don’t change I still feel your ghost am I the only one to blame Never meant to hurt you, I only wanted to hold you near Now you’re just a stranger, How did I make you disappear

Now that’s some lyrical mastery right there, this one passage tells you everything you need to know. It’s like that throughout the album. I have to say I am truly disappointed that mainstream radio. This song should have owned the airwaves and been a hit.

They end the album with Standing Last . It’s a nice way to close out the album. This is another lyrical gem. This one is probably one of the best-written lyrics on the album. I love the line “Can you tell me, my one friend, when do the hard times end”. Now, that’s a compelling line. But, it’s just a small part of a powerful verse.  When you hear it, I think you will agree. But the track is a nice way to end this album.

I’ll end my review by saying this is a must in any rock collection.  Each song is packed with passion and lyrical mastery. The music speaks for itself. The guitar solos can rival most. It’s very rare that you can purchase an album and play from the beginning to the end without stopping. This is one of those rarities. I hope you purchase it or check it out on whatever streaming service you have. I haven’t felt this strongly about an album, as I do this. But this one is worth the price of admission. Mark my words, they won’t be a local band for a long.

Songs to check out, Battle Cry, Coming Back For More, Midnight Rain,  Wise Man,  and Standing Last.

Check out the recent single Someday below.

You can also check out their other release and lyric video for Midnight Rain below.

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