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Fire In The Field Release New Single “Jimmy Rover” And It’s Eargasmic!

Fire In The Field has released a new single from their current album “The Pink Noise Session”. You can check the record out on their Bandcamp page here. The new single Jimmy Rover is a musical journey for your ear pleasure. There i a lot going on in this song and the band put it all together and a nice package for us to enjoy. Mike Moore gives us all he’s got on this from the singing and guitar work. His voice and playing along with the rest of the band take you on a ride that rocks, is a bit psychedelic and bluesy. Maybe the space theme gives them license for it. Whatever it is, it’s fantastic. I would say that in realm of songs about space this one fits in between Black Sabbath’s Iron Man and David Bowie’s Space Oddity. Meaning the story aspect of them, which speaks to the fact that something is or went wrong. Jimmy Rover should be on the radio and on your listening device. It really is that good. When you listen to it, you’ll not be distracted by anything as you get right into it. When you think that the guitar work has peaked, Moore surprises you and takes it up a notch and blows you away. Enough of all my kind words and adjectives. I prolonged you from listening to this long enough. There is no video but a stream of the single. Check it out below.

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