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Five Finger Death Punch Release Heartfelt Single “I Refuse”!

Five Finger Death Punch has released a new single from their 2019 greatest hits album “A Decade Of Destruction Vol. 2”. You can get a copy of the record here. I Refuse first appeared on their 2018 album “And Justice For None”. You normally wouldn’t associate a ballad with Five Finger Death Punch, but then again they like to surprise you. The song seems to be more about today than when it first came out. It certainly fits what we have gone through with the whole pandemic. Just reflect on the chorus as an example;

“Wake me up when this is over I’m tired of living life like it’s a dream Please wake me up when it’s all over I’m tired of living right here in between (here in between) I refuse”

Now, I think we can all relate to those words. Two things stand out on this song, the first is Ivan Moody’s vocal delivery, it’s outstanding and you can feel the emotional torment he’s going through. It’s brilliant. The second is lead guitarist Caleb Andrew Bingham’s acoustic guitar solo, just wow. The more I listen to the song the better it is for me. They have a lyric video for the track, but it’s just the words. The background really does add anything to the song, but I think that was deliberate to focus on the band is saying. You can check it out below.

#ADecadeOfDestructionVol2 #FiveFingerDeathPunch #IRefuse

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