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Five Finger Death Punch Release “Inside Out”!

Five Finger Death Punch has a new album coming out on February 28th titled “F8”. You can pre-order it here. Inside Out is the new single and a bit different for the band. It starts off low key almost like the Game Of Thrones theme. But don’t be dismayed because the band kicks it up to what we know them to be. Ivan Moody’s vocals are excellent. New drummer Charlie Engen really stands out and makes his mark on this. I’m hoping the band made that intentional. Either way what a debut. But I have to say favorite part of the song is Zoltan Bathory’s guitar playing and solo. It really brought this song together for me. If this track is what the album will be like then we are all in for a treat. The video is a lyric one and animated version of the cover. Check it out below.

#F8 #FiveFingerDeathPunch #InsideOut

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