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Five Finger Death Punch Release “Living The Dream”!

Five Finger Death Punch has a new album coming out February 28th titled “F8”. You can pre-order it here. Living The Dream is the latest single. The subject matter isn’t quite what you may think, it’s nit the positive side of the song title but more of the opposite with lyrics like these:

“They say the road to Hell is paved with good intentions Why did they never mention what’s real and in between? It seems the path we’re on was paved with blood and sorrow No thought about tomorrow Just part of the machine or so it seems Yeah, so it seems”

Doesn’t sound like a happy song now does it? I’ll let you discover the rest of song. Musically this is hard hitting as you would expect from the band and it’s good and hits the spot like comfort food. There is a lyric video of the song, you can check it out below.

#F8 #FiveFingerDeathPunch #LivingTheDream

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