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Five Finger Death Punch Releases A New Perspective On The Coronavirus With “A Little Bit Off&#

  Five Finger Death Punch has released a new single form their current album “F8”. A Little Bit Off is their latest song off the album. This is one of my favorite tracks from the record. The song starts with a soft acoustic tone as Ivan Moody sings over it and that is pretty powerful as he give voice to some emotional words. The music does get electric but really the heart of the music is Charlie Engen’s drumming. It’s done so well that it conveys the impact of the lyrics and Moody’s singing perfectly. I find the words of the song giving a perspective that I think many of us feel about what’s going on. This is my favorite verse in the song;

“I’m a little pissed off today and there ain’t nothing you can do about it I’m a little put off today and I could not tell you why Got a really short fuse today, everyone around me’s fucking crazy I’m a little ticked off today, a little pissed off today (I’m a little bit off today) I told a little white lie today, I smiled and told someone I loved them I had to say goodbye today to someone that I love I couldn’t even cry today, I think my heart is finally broken Didn’t need a reason why today, I don’t need a reason why today”

  I can’t tell you how often I have felt these words come to life within me. But I found it extremely relatable. The video has a tad of humor setting up the video itself. The band explains how they came about making the video and what it could have been. They do a great job with the story board and intertwining with live footage. I think it’s quite impactful when you see Moody walking the Las Vegas Strip with no one out there. I’ll let you enjoy this as much as I did. Check it out below.

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