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Five Finger Death Punch Releases Epic New Single “Darkness Settles In”!

Five Finger Death Punch has released another song from their current album “F8”. You can pick up a copy here. The fourth single from the record is Darkness Settles In. The song is also part of the soundtrack for an upcoming horror film due out later this year titled “The Retaliators”. I have to be honest here this is one of my favorite tracks on the album and by the band. The song start off in acoustic fashion then kicks into a powerhouse hard driving guitar and rhythm section that just nails it. This song builds and delivers on so many levels. I can’t say enough about the track. Ivan Moody is just spectacular, dare I say amazing. Ok, I’ll stop gushing at this point. You’ll see when you hear it.

The video on the other hand is something to truly witness. It has the band performing and acting as well as footage from the film. The way it is put together tells its own story. The real highlight is how animated Moody is singing the song. I’m not sure I have seen him act like that or at the very least that spirited. The video and the music make quite the package. It’s one I think you will play over and over. Check it out below.

#DarknessSettlesIn #F8 #FiveFingerDeathPunch

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