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Five Finger Death Punch Releases Thought Provoking New Single “IOU”!

Five Finger Death Punch will be releasing a new album on August 19th titled “AfterLife”. You can pre-order it here. The latest single from the record is IOU. The song starts off in a slower pace, but rises up rather quickly. The hard driving rhythm really makes this song. Ivan Moody once again displays the range and control he has with his voice and I believe that’s what makes this band stand out. Andy James is no slouch either, once again making his mark within the confides of the band. The boys tend t write refund lyrics and the is no exception. The lyrics pose a question that I think really puts your thinking to the test;

“Is it better to serve in heaven Or better to reign in hell?”

If that’s not deep, I don’t know what is. This album seems to me will show us the band leveling up as they say. Can’t wait to hear it. We get an animated lyric video to accompany this track and I think it’s superbly done. Check it out below.

#Afterlife #FiveFingerDeathPunch #IOU

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