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Five Finger Death Punch Support The Men And Women In Blue With “When the Seasons Change”

Five Finger Death Punch has released another single from their current album “And Justice For None”. When the Seasons Change is a song that is about being loyal to someone. In the premise of the video and who the band decided to pay tribute too makes it even deeper in it’s meaning. Ivan Moody’s vocals really deliver the words here. I just like the tone in which he sings it I am very happy to see that they are supporting the police. They deserve it, especially with the negative press that seems to demonize them. In this case they dedicate the song to a hero of the Las Vegas shooting. You need to watch the video to see who it is. It is extremely well done.. Now if you’re watching the video, you might not catch the epic guitar solo in the background, but I will tell you to make sure you play it back and just listen to it. The video itself does a great job of showing what loyalty is about and gives you a glimpse on what two partners on the force (And friends) can be like. This one gets both thumbs up. Enjoy it below.

#AndJusticeForNone #FiveFingerDeathPunch #WhenTheSeasonsChange

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