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Fleetwood Mac Release “The Chain” Live From 1980!

Fleetwood Mac will be releasing a deluxe version of their 1980 album “Live. They are celebrating the record with unreleased material and it being remastered. Due out April 9th, you can pre-order it here. Ahead of its release they preview of it with a previously unheard version of The Chain. It was recored at Live at Richfield Coliseum, Cleveland, OH, on May 20th, 1980.

I always enjoy these types of releases. You get to capture this lineup in its prime. This version you get to hear everything nice and clear so you can appreciate the harmonies and their individual voices. This is a very cool to hear, both musically and vocally. The only thing missing is live footage. You just get the audio of the track. Check it out below.

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