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Fleetwood Mac Releases A Classic Song “Gold Dust Woman”. Live From 1977!

Fleetwood Mac will be releasing an expanded reissue of their 1980 live record on April 9th titled “Fleetwood Mac Live: Super Deluxe Edition”. You can pre-order it here. The band has put out a previously unreleased live version of their hit Gold Dust Woman. It was taken from The Forum, in Inglewood, CA on August 29, 1977. The song originally appeared on their 1977 “Rumors” album. This is an extended version of the song and it is pure gold.

If there was a tour to catch the band this is the one. It’s amazing that they have kept this to themselves for so long. I hope everyone realizes that artists like Fleetwood Mac giving us gems like these from various stages of their career is a true gift. This is no exception. Stevie Nicks’s vocals are just faultless. You definitely need to just sit back and listen to this. What’s captured here should make any fan of the band extremely pleased. The one unfortunate thing is that there is no video. Check it out below.

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