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Fleetwood Mac Releases "Dreams" Live From 1977!

Fleetwood Mac will be releasing a new live package titled "Rumors Live". Due out on September 8th. You can pre-order it here. The band recorded this at The Forum on August 29, 1977. This is when the band was at its height with sale of their number one 1977 "Rumors" album. 17 songs from this record are unreleased. Gold Dust Woman was a bonus track on their 1980 "Live: Deluxe Edition" album. Ahead of the forthcoming record we get "Dreams'. The classic track stands on its own here. You get the band at their height and probably still in the throws of what made the album happen. I feel there is a higher energy and fuller sound then I remember from other live of material from them. In any event, we once again get blessed with these capsules of time for us to take in. I'll leave it at that.I just wish we had footage of the performance. Check it out below.

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