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Fleetwood Mac Releases "Go Your Own Way" Live From 1977!

Fleetwood Mac will be releasing a new live package titled "Rumors Live". Due out on September 8th. You can pre-order it here. The band recorded this at The Forum on August 29, 1977. This is when the band was at its height with sale of their number one 1977 "Rumors" album. The third single from the forthcoming live package is "Go Your Own Way". You get an extended version of the song where the jam within it. As I have stated before, it's great when we get great moments like this captured ate height of the band's career. When you hear a classic such as this in a live format with the entry of a concert, you might see that is the perfect storm for a fan. The only thing missing here is a performance clip, but I will settle for the audio. Check it out below.

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