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Fleetwood Mac Releases "Say You Love Me" Live From 1977!

Fleetwood Mac will be releasing a new live album on September 8th titled "Rumors Live". You can pre-order it here. The unreleased material was recorded at the Forum in Los Angeles on the Rumours Tour on August 29, 1977. One might say this was at their peak. The album took off and they were everywhere. The great thing is that it was captured and we get to hear it. The latest from the deluxe package is Say You Love Me and it seems to resonate even more so since Christine McVie has passed on. The sing is a classic and hearing this live from that era just takes the track to another level. I'll leave it there. You get to hear some cool things in this performance. This is one that you sit back, listen and appreciate. Check it out below.

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