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Flight Of Fire Give Their Take On Valentine’s Day With “Sick In Love”!

Flight Of Fire has released a new song and lyric video called Sick In Love. I didn’t see any word on a new album but trust me this song will ease the pain of the wait. If you are looking for a fresh new take on love and Valentine’s Day, then this song is for you. I think everyone at one time has felt the way the song tells a story of love. The Lyrics in the chorus is a great way to express the feeling of love;

I’m sick in love, with you, I’m running a fever, running after you, I’m sick in love, with you, And you seem fine

Nit even Hallmark can write a verse like that. I think you will enjoy this one as much as I did. The animation in the video is a nice touch. You can check it out below.

#FlightOfFire #SickInLove

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