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Flight Of Fire Has Us Facing Our Demons In Their Latest “Monster In The Mirror”!

Flight Of Fire has released a new song this week called Monster In The Mirror, in time for Halloween. Now the video and the song title fit the theme, but I think the song goes deeper than that. I think it’s about your personal struggle about what you see today and how you handle it. If you check out the following lyrics you can see that:

“I can’t see who you used to be, I can’t recognize your face. I don’t know who you are anymore, Consumed by flames of hate, Do you see it? Can you see it? Do you see it? How does it feel?”

I think everyone has felt something along those lines in some way or another. The video, especially the ending, reflects those feelings and thoughts. Flight Of Fire has been nominated Boston’s Rock Act Of The Year, listen to this single and you will see why. The song is heavy and riff driven, but Maverick’s vocal takes the track to a higher level. I keep saying these rockers aren’t going to be contained to a local area for long. Get on the bandwagon now. You should follow the band on their facebook page here. In the mean time, check out Monster In The Mirror below.

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