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Flipp Recruits Drew Fortier To Join The Band On Guitar!

The reunited U.S. rock group FLIPP have recruited musician / filmmaker / actor Drew Fortier (Zen From Mars, Bang Tango, Chuck Mosley) as their second guitarist. Fortier is best known as guitarist for Bang Tango, the late Chuck Mosley (Faith No More), and Zen From Mars. Fortier has also directed and edited the documentaries “Attack of Life: The Bang Tango Movie” and the upcoming “Thanks. And Sorry: The Chuck Mosley Movie”. He will be making his acting debut in the upcoming comedy horror film “Her Name Was Christa”.

Flipp’s official statement concerning the addition of a new guitarist to the group’s ranks: “We are happy to have Drew Fortier as a member of the band. Right now, we’re calling him ‘Drew Poorly.’ He’s not really a bad guitar player, he’s just drawn that way. We can’t wait to get back out there and play some more shows for all of you people!”

Fortier added: “I am so excited to become a member of such a legendary and criminally underrated band. I have been a big fan of theirs since I was a kid, and with all the fun and zany theatrics, it’s like performing with my favorite cartoon comic book superheroes! It so much fun! I am also excited about the new material the band has been working on, it sounds absolutely killer!”

Fortier made his live debut with the band at the annual “Barn Party” in Stillwater, MN this past weekend.The rest of the Flipp lineup includes: singer/guitarist Brynn Arens, bassist Cherry Forever, and drummer Kilo Bale; all of whom are original founding members of the band.

Follow Flipp on their official Facebook page here.

Drew Fortier’s official Facebook page here.

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