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Foo Fighters Release Their Official Video For “No Son Of Mine”!

Foo Fighters has just released their official video for the single No Son Of Mine from their just released album “Medicine At Midnight”. You can get a copy of the record here. You can read my original review of the track from last month here. This is just about the video.

It’s shot in black and white which I found interesting. It also shows the band performing and comes in and out of the animated version of the story. The lyrics expresses the hypocrisy of people who tell us what to do and what is right and yet they are guilty of them. Basically do as I say not as I do. The lead in the animation brings the words to life. I won’t give away the ending but it’s a good one. Not what one would think it would be. Check it out below.

#FooFighters #MedicineAtMidnight #NoSonOfMine

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