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Foo Fighters Release Their Version Of The Bee Gees Classic “You Should Be Dancing”. It&#

The Foo Fighters will be releasing a album on Record Store Day on July 17th titled “Hail Satin” under their disco name The Dee Gees. I think you can figure out how they got that name. You can get it on the release day here. The band has put out a cover version of the Bee Gees You Should Be Dancing. I have to say I was impressed that they pulled it off. Now I will admit right here that the Bee Gees are guilty pleasure of mine. That aside, they really do a good job pulling this off. The harmonies aren’t quite like the original but still damn good. They did use back up singers to help so there’s that.

The band rocked it up. David Grohl don’t change his voice for the higher pitch but it’s done well so you don’t feel like he’s just going through the motions of it. But two key things here is the guitar solo by Chris Shiflett. He gives the sing the modern edge and sounds great and the second is Taylor Hawkins. His drumming on this track is spectacular. Talk about delivering a rock and disco beat and the energy of it all, is something to take notice. The video shows them all performing and is a fun watch. The whole band looks like they are having good time save Pat Smear. He doesn’t seem like he wanted to be there. You can check it all out below.

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